Refund /Cancellation Policy

We have a 100% Refund Policy and we believe in complete customer satisfaction

If you are unhappy with the product taste, quality or any other issue like late delivery , we will do 100% refund  if reported within  working 7 days of receiving the product  

Refund Process : 

1. Please send an email to with the subject line  Refund for Order No _____ , stating the reason for refund initiation 

2. Once your request for refund has been received on our email,we will send you an acknowledgement email asking you for your bank account details (irrespective of your payment mode, we will refund only in your bank account)

3. Please reply on the same email with your bank account details 

Customer Name :

Bank Name :

Bank Account Name :

IFSC Code :

4. Refunds will be processed within 10 working days from receipt of Bank Account Details 


Late or missing refunds (if applicable) :

If you haven’t received a refund even after 10 working days, first check your bank account.

If  it is still not reflecting in your bank account and you  have not received your refund yet, please get in touch with us  at, and we will immediately reach out to you